Videos - Andrew Studer


"Restless" is the product over over two years of filming timelapse over North America. 

A Week in Iceland

Mariana's Trench- "Astoria" Drone Operator

This music video was produced by One Push Creative 
Aerial Footage shot by Andrew Studer

Victorinox Swiss Army 60s Spot

A Week in Aspen, CO

Kaua'i In Motion

"Kaua'i In Motion" was a timelapse film I was hired to make by the Kauai Visitor's Bureau. I spent two weeks on the island with the intention of showing the beautiful landscapes Kaua'i has to offer and promote further tourism.

Crary Boots Lookbook

Crary Boots Lifestyle Video

REI #OptOutside

Oregon Lottery 30th Anniversary (60 sec)

Honda Dealership Construction Timelapse

I spent a sunday evening going up to Portland to photograph sunset. Little did I know that once the sun would go down, an inversion would take place and waves of thick fog would come in and cover the entire city. Shot entirely in one day, "Inversion Immersion" takes a look at what Portland looks like when an inversion takes place through the art of timelapse. 

Purchase a print from the film by viewing the gallery HERE 

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