TIME - Andrew Studer

"TIME" (2013)

            In 2011 I began filming my first timelapse film, "TIME." I was drawn to how timelapse could tell the story of a scene in such a breathtaking and dramatic  way that no single image could ever come close to doing. When I wasn't in school on the weekends, I was driving to all sorts of locations, rediscovering and capturing them in a way that I had never done before.

           This project consumed my Junior and Senior years of High School. Filming "TIME," taught me a lot about myself and helped me find my passion. After almost over a year and a half I completed "TIME."  Since it's release in June of 2013, it has gone on to receive an overwhelming 243,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo combined. I hope you enjoy watching this film as much as I enjoyed creating it. Keep on the lookout for my new timelapse film "RESTLESS" which is set to release in October of 2015. 


-Behind The Lens-

                                          Timelapseing above the clouds                                                                                                    Timelapsing fog roll through the trees

                                               Camping under the stars                                                                                                                                Sunrise at Smith Rock 

                   A crane was used to film a waterfall off the edge of a cliff                                                               Packing for a weekend trip to film Mt. Hood

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