Guy Sends Me Photo To Edit You'll Never Believe What Happens Next! - Andrew Studer

A few months ago, I got a Facebook message from someone who follows my personal account. In their message, they included a photo they had taken and politely inquired about the possibility of me editing their image. 

I kindly declined but later decided to have a little fun. (almost as much fun as I had coming up with the awful title for this blog post)

Curious to see what would be done, I posted a screenshot of the original image sent to me and invited anyone to contribute an edit featuring their own personal creative twist. 

Here is a collection highlighting some of my favorite edits! 

Within minutes, contributions from various photographers and photoshop users began coming in...

Photographer, Whitney Justesen started the thread off strong with a hilarious edit. To my surprise, the contributions became even more elaborate.

As a big fan and good friend of Photographer/Digital Artist Juuso Hämäläinen, I was excited to see his contribution to the thread which left many in awe. 

Night Photographer Jack Fusco  even created this image which hilariously poked fun at all the cringe-worthy fake moon edits that plague Instagram these days 

Filmmaker David Ridder used the original image and added his take on Halo, the video game 

Perhaps my favorite of all was when a British friend of mine, Charlie Ritcher left a comment requesting someone create an "Abby Road" image. Within the hour, Juuso Hämäläinen was back at it again with another stunningly realistic contribution 

Timelapse photographer, Michael Bloom did what was needed to be done and left a comment with this incredible Wizard Of OZ edit  

...and then Michael continued things with this funny take on Moses parting the Red Sea 

Playing off of my last name and AMC's "The Walking Dead," Photographer Kevin Whitley created this stunning edit. 

Photographer/ Videographer Drew Griffing also contributed this awesome Mario Cart edit 

Photographer Daniel Schuhmacher had left us with his creative twist by photoshopping the road into a toy race car track 

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share! 

If you'd like to contribute, feel free to CLICK HERE to be taken to the original post. 

The contributions I got from so many talented photographers goes to show how wonderful the internet can be. Unfortunately with so many users, the internet may have people out there (some of whom may actually be reading this) that take this post the wrong way and think it was made to humiliate the photographer behind the original road image. That is in no way the intention of this blog post. 

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