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I strongly believe that the "best camera' is the one you have with you and that you can make beautiful images with absolutely any camera out there. That being said, the Sony A7Rii and Sony A7Sii are the cameras I've found to work best for the photography I enjoy shooting. If you'd like to learn more about why I enjoy shooting with these cameras, watch the video below.     

For video, I use a Canon 1DXii. 

I really enjoy shooting slow motion on the 1DXii. It can shoot 120 Frames a second at 1080p and 60 frames at 4K. It's a bit pricey but an excellent tool. 

Please keep in mind that what's said in this video is my honest opinion and not influenced by any sponsorships or anything related.  


I own a couple tripods for different situations. For backpacking, I use an Induro CLT 104 and for most of my everyday shooting that doesn't require a long hike with a heavy backpacking pack, I use the CLT 204. 

Induro makes extremely high quality and lightweight carbon fiber tripods and heads that I really recommend! Check them out using the link below.


Using filters is an important part of photography. To reduce glare and reflections when shooting water and clouds, I use a polarizing filter. 

To do a long exposure during the daytime when it's brighter out, I use ND filters. I have a 10 and 5 stop. All of my filters are made by BenroThey're  very well priced considering the quality. 

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