RESTLESS (2015) - Andrew Studer

"RESTLESS" A Timelapse Film

 "Restless" explores the Pacific Northwest's dramatic and diverse locations through the art of timelapse. I decided to name the film what it is not only for the dynamic change a timelapse video is able to display, but also because of how it affected my lifestyle. Working on this film, I myself became 'restless.' I spent just about every weekend and often times school days backpacking, camping and exploring some of the most incredible places the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Shot in a little over two years, countless all nighters, camping trips and spontaneous trips to the mountains and an estimated 85,000 photos were put into to this film to make it what it is. I began filming just after I graduated high school and completed it shortly after deciding to leave college and devote myself to working full time as a freelance photographer/videographer. I know for a fact that working on this helped me see where my true passions lied and was key in giving me to confidence to enter full time into the freelance world.

Gear: Sony A7s Canon 6D Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Sliider, Stage R pan/tilt units. Emotimo TB3 pan/tilt head Original

Score composed by James Everingham

To create the music, I worked with James Everingham on an original song. After a few months of sending drafts back and forth for review, we came up with what I envisioned and what was used in the film. To hear the song, click HERE

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